On the Road

Reviews on the Millennium 2-4-6, have appeared in major magazines, and all reflect one special feature, it is an elevation over what is "normal" in sound reproduction. We have developed the world's most advanced DTS processor, at a price point everyone can afford. Music like Porcupine Tree "In Absentia, Johnny Mathis, Mystic Moods, Edgar Winter, Poco or Paul McCartney and Wings on CD's or DVD-Audio, or music video's like Tina Turner's Live in Amsterdam, delivered in 20 bit and mixed in multichannel, and using this DTS technology, is changing the landscape in the entire music industry. The October issue of EQ magazine is dedicated to the 5.1 Revolution, including great articles from the fellows behind the mixing boards on several of these new productions, which can be played on a normal CD or DVD player. They describe in detail how they were allowed to reproduce sound with a much larger canvas than stereo. A quote from Elliot Scheiner, engineer for Steely Dan, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and Bruce Hornsby provides the best description of this 5.1 revolution " I think that surround is definitely the future. When you listen to it for the first time you think, this is really the way to listen to music."

Great movies played on laserdisc through the Millennium 2-4-6 DTS chip, can elevate any household to a soundfield better than any theater. As new technology changes down the road (such as satellite transmissions), a simple RAM chip upgrade allows the Millennium to keep pace and your equipment stays up to date! So starting at about $400, the 5.1 revolution joins your household. And just as important, is the fact this combination allows any upgrades.

We will be at the Consumer Electronics Show, in January at Las Vegas in the Alexis Park Hotel. A Millennium will be there and the newest CD's & DVD-Audio will be available, as well as the Millennium 2-4-6.

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