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dts is the future of quality audio.

With over 16,000 cinemas worldwide now equipped with dts 5.1 digital surround sound systems, it is likely that you have already experienced this amazing new audio technology. Jurassic Park and Apollo 13, along with hundreds of new films annually, are released with dts 5.1 digital surround soundtracks. Now, you can enjoy movies and music CDs this way in your home, automobile, or office.

Perfect for home theater and music

dts is one of two 5.1 digital formats now available. However, it is the only truly discrete 5.1 multi-channel digital format, and this alone, coupled with its astounding transparency, makes dts ideally suited for all music and high quality audio requirements. Movies will come alive in a way that rivals even the best cinema sound, and music will simply immerse you, leaving you breathless. This is the breakthrough that comes along only once every generation, and it is here today for your very own listening pleasure.

Millennium Technologies makes it affordable.

The feature-packed Millennium Technologies Model 2.4.6 dts decoder preamp provides 20-bit resolution for 5.1 channels of digital sound from a new generation of laserdiscs and music CDs. With dts soundtracks, you experience a truly holographic sound field with awesome clarity, imaging, and dynamic range. No noise. No distortion. Just absolute transparency. It must be heard to be believed.

Designed with the Future in Mind

The Millennium 2.4.6 is fully compatible with CD and LVD players equipped with digital outputs. It will also decode dts soundtracks on DVDs when they become available. Featuring the Motorola 56009 DSP engine, the 2.4.6 contains a standard array of features, such as:

fully automatic dts signal detection, switching, and volume matching;
user selectable down-mix capability;
individual +/-15dB trim for center, .1(sub), and surround channels with master volume control;
coaxial and TOSLINK optical digital audio inputs with fully automatic digital input select and switchable priority;
The Millennium software may be fully upgraded at will, and contains a proprietary Re-Equalization circuit. Triple regulated power supplies operate at 12v DC to insure freedom from noise artifacts, making car, RV, and boat surround systems possible too.

An upgrade kit is available for Millenniums purchased before April 1998. These changes are made on an eprom chip and will be necessary for DVD. To order the upgrade please go to the order form.


Fully automatic DTS detection, switching and volume matching for simple transparent installation into almost any system
Detects any time DTS is present on either of two digital inputs
Installs after preamp in any 2,3,4,5, or 6 channel system
Replaces audio program material going to amplifiers with DTS program material at the exact same volume level
Allows DTS volume to be adjusted with existing, 5.1 channel ready, preamp or receiver remote control
Total user selectable Down-mix capability for Phantom Center, Sub on/off, and Surrounds on/off
Individual +/-15dB volume trim adjustments for center, sub and surround optimization.
Master volume control with manual operational mode allows stand-alone use
Coaxial Digital Audio Output for looped installation which works with either the coaxial or optical input
Blue Single crystal Silicon Carbide LEDS for a pleasant installed look


Trim adjust +/-15dB
Analog 6 inputs, 6 outputs
Digital Inputs 1 coaxial input, 1 optical input
Digital Outputs 1 coaxial output which works with either input
DACs 20 bit Delta Sigma
Digital Filter 8 times interpolation, and .008 dB ripple
Signal to Noise 110 dB
Power Requirement AC Adapter, 12VDC/800mA output
Dimensions 17 W x 5.6D x 1.6H
Weight 6.8 lbs. Without rack mount bracket


Three 20-bit DACs
Motorola 56009 DSP
Fully Upgradable software
Phase locked loop for digital jitter reduction
Proprietary Re-Equalization
Triple regulated power supplies

note: The HTML formatted Millennium manual is probably more convenient for on screen viewing. For your convenience we have included a link to download Acrobat Reader 6.0, which is the best format to print the manual.

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