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Q. How does the Millennium hook up to my system?
A. We have included in the manual on this website, and in Adobe Acrobat form, several diagrams of systems, showing the many different ways the 2-4-6 can be integrated into you audio system. In addition, if you wish to e-mail with a description of your connections, we will be glad to assist.

Q. Is another exterior finish available?
A. Yes, a beautiful silver, in addition to the black finish.

Q. Is the 2-4-6 equipped with a remote control?
A. Yes, the one that came with your existing receiver or preamp. It controls the volume with a patented feature in the 2-4-6, volume matching with your equipment.

Q. Do I need to push a button when I play a DTS compact disc or laserdisc?
A. No, auto detection of DTS discs is part of the simplicity of the 2-4-6. Put several discs in a changer, and the 2-4-6 will engage with the DTS discs and pass through all other signals.

Q. How do I know if it is a DTS disc?
A. A crystalline blue light on the front panel shows if it is receiving a DTS signal.

Q. What about any other signals, such as prologic, being routed through the Millennium?
A. With no DTS signal present, any analog signal presented to the analog inputs, is passed through with any change.

Q. What if the unit is switched off, does it automatically route the 6 channel analog input to the 6 channel analog output?
A. Yes, it will pass the analog signal on, in either on or off position.

Q. I want to hook up both my compact disc and Laserdisc player. Can I install an optical digital signal along with a coax digital signal.
A. Certainly, the Millennium allows for this situation by having both these connections. The dip switches on the rear allow for you to make either input (optical or coax) the priority signal.

Q. Do I have to use the satellite speakers with a subwoofer setup?
A. No, you do not. Again, we have tried to create a unique product allowing everyone to belong to the DTS fan club. We installed rear dipswitches to allow some options. Satellite speakers with subwoofers will work. The Millennium also allows for just full range speakers if desired. Our recommendation is to use full range speakers and use a subwoofer for the VERY low frequencies.

Q. Why is it called the 2-4-6?
A. It is the versatility that allows us to use that name! These specialized dipswitches also can be used to blend the center channel to the front speakers. Additionally, these switches also will allow the rear signal to blend to the front speakers.

Q. Why would anyone wish to blend signals?
A. For several reasons, perhaps to have the opportunity to enjoy the 20 bit resolution of DTS compact discs, and add speakers as their budget allows. This design feature gives someone with 2 , 4 , 5 , or 6 speakers, the ability to play DTS products. Also, tastes vary, and these switches give someone who is opposed to the center channel, the ability to create his own listening environment.

Q. What other functions do these dipswitches perform?
A. They also allow the user to disable the auto pass through, perhaps using the 2-4-6 as a preamp in a system for DTS music only. As the software catalog grows that is quite possible, and this is another part of Millennium's versatility. We have included two additional dipswitches unused at the present time, for future upgrade functions.

Q. Many movies seem to have different levels of volume in the center channel. What happens if the center channel is too loud?
A. We are proud to have created the Millennium to be as transparent as possible, but we still desired a thoughtful operation, so we put trim controls on the front for precise soundfield correction.

Q. Is the digital signal available, before the signal is converted to analog?
A. Yes, the Millennium is equipped with a digital out allowing for the use of your digital to analog converters(D to A). The website section shows a connection diagram for that type of system.

Q. This is just the start of the digital age, will I need to buy something different when new technology arises?
A. NO! Your Millennium will coexist with many technologies for years to come! We have included ram chip technology with a push plug style socket. With a very simple procedure most owners could accomplish, future upgrades will keep pace with changing standards in all technologies including DVD and Satellite.

Q. Can I use this in my motorhome?
A. Why not, we use a 12 volt power supply, so it is possible to use it in any mobile situation (boat, auto, truck) or with the regular 110 electrical system in a motorhome.

Q. I use a rack mount to orginize my equipment, what is my option?
A. We include ears for the rack mount users.

Q. Can I get any other questions answered concerning the Millennium 2-4-6, DTS, or 5.1 Marketing?
A. Sure, (click here) and we will return an answer by E-mail.
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