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5.1 DTS Music Disc

5.1 DTS Music Disc   DTS Music Disc

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Breaking from the conventions of country music, Joshua Judges Ruth effectively explores genres from African-American gospel, to Texas swing and traditional ballads.

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The McCartney songwriting formula continues to shine on Venus and Mars... with classic reprises, piano driven rockers, and drippy love songs. His incredible sense of melody and unique arranging tricks will blow you away under the magnified view from this surround sound re-mix.

Price:$ 79.97 / Each

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PLEASE NOTE: $.45 HANDLING FEE APPLIES (Free Shipping: Choose free shipping from shipping options on last page of check out US) **International: Flat Rate $5.00 also choose from last page on check out Born in the rock clubs of Miami rather than the boardrooms of Nashville, The Mavericks have helped redefine the concept of the country band in the '90s.

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One Step At A Time is George Strait's 23rd release in a recording career that began in 1981. As he proudly continues to make country records “the old-fashioned way,” George once again choose a set of classy songs that suit his voice, gathered the best studio musicians available and proceeded to sing each note with exceptional grace.

Price:$ 39.97 / Each

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The Gluey Brothers raise the bar for surround sound creativity with this ultra-aggressive 5.1 mix that punctuates the band's famous on-stage theatrics. This is an amazing eclectic-rock recording that lights up the entire room in 5.1 surround.

Price:$ 29.97 / Each

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Even before listening to the album, the lyrics jump off the booklet's pages at you, the powerful songs & Poetic lyrics have great deal to say. This gold album in dts will give you a wonderful soothing listening experience.

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Shoeless comes from a hard rock background, combining the pop of Kiss, the power of Van Halen, the emotion of Nirvana, and the mystery of Stone Temple Pilots…. You'll quiver with delight and feel great.

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Master of the thematic album, Alan Parsons released his second "solo" album in 1996. Exploring the history of aviation and flight through music, On Air is an impressive work with a moving and expansive range of styles.

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(Not avaiable with Redemption Code, Not avaiable for promotions) The Eagles are one of rock & roll's best selling bands - with their Greatest Hits album having sold 27 million copies, and their reunion album - Hell Freezes Over - more than 7 mililon.

Price:$ 89.77 / Each

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Bluesy, emotional and a perfect showcase for Clapton's legendary guitar stylings, this powerful work has been exceptionally remixed for the first time in DTS 5.1 Digital Surround.

Price:$ 39.97 / Each

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