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From his earliest days as a bluegrass star, Vince Gill has gifted us with one of the clearest, strongest voices in country and roots music. He is often described as one of the new traditionalists of country music. High Lonesome Sound finds him dabbling in bluegrass, Cajun/New Orleans grooves, country-pop and even Chicago blues-- now available through the unique sonic experience of DTS 5.1

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Vince Gill was one of the most popular mainstream country performers of the early '90s. He grew up in Oklahoma playing banjo and guitar with local bluegrass musicians. At age 18 he joined the Bluegrass Alliance in Louisville, Kentucky and played alongside band members Sam Bush and Dan Crary. After one year, he went to L.A. to play with Byron Berline and his band Sundance.

It was an honor to be asked to remix Vince's High Lonesome Sound album on DTS. Vince's music lends itself to the kind of imaging that DTS can do. The ability to separate the different instruments into their own space lets you look deep into Vince's music. His music is not only about his voice and the lyrics, but the arrangements he gives the tunes are very thought out. DTS gives the Vince fan the chance to step into the "eye" of Vince's studio band.

Tracks: 1. One Dance With You 2. High Lonesome Sound 3. Pretty Little Adriana 4. A Little More Love 5. Down To New Orleans 6. Tell Me Lover 7. Given More Time 8. You And You Alone 9. Worlds Apart 10. Jenny Dreamed Of Trains 11. High Lonesome Sound

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Price: $ 39.97 / Each
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