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JAZZ/R&B/BIG BAND 5.1 DTS Music Disc

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Jon-Mykal: It's Not About Me is what one could certainly call sexy R&B, blending contemporary R&B with some of the "pillow talk" style of Barry White. The mix is as intimate as Jon-Mykal's style, wrapping vocals and instruments deep into the surrounds to engulf the listener in the music.

Price: $ 29.77 / Each

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"Its Not About Me"
DTS Music Disc


I absolutely love the sound of backing vocals harmonizing in the rear channels and this release has a lot of that to offer, virtually on every cut. Vocals in general are natural and full. Bass is deep and tight, and the bass drum in particular is so palpable it feels like it's in the room with you! When it's done right the LFE channel is a tremendous asset for music reproduction. The bass in track 4, So Good, massages the entire room with astounding low frequency energy.

The rear soundstage is equally powered and detailed and is as big a part of the soundstage as the front. The soundstage is tremendously deep and wide in the front and the back and the music is consistently imaged along the sidewalls.

This is what digital surround for music is about! It offers everything that makes multi-channel music a more involving and exciting proposition than standard 2 channel stereo.

Play List:

Wait For Love
Do Some Thangs
So Good
You'll Like It
Do You Wanna?
All Night Long
What You
Feel For Me
I'll Give You Forever

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