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POP 5.1 Dolby DVD Audio


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The unplugged trend of the 1990s could be quite revealing. If a band used amplification to mask its deficiencies, going acoustic could easily expose them. But when artists who had a lot going for them -- everyone from Aerosmith and Bruce Springsteen to L.L. Cool J -- went unplugged, they had a lot of strong material to rely on and triumphed in an acoustic or electro-acoustic environment........

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Released in 2000, the Barenaked Ladies' Top 5 platinum smash Maroon is now in spectacular DVD-Audio. Produced by Don Was, Maroon features "Pinch Me," "Too Little Too Late" and the new single, "Falling For The First Time." Maroon is the latest colorful adventure for the wittiest, hook-happiest, pop rock band in the land.

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With early 2002's Under Rug Swept, Alanis Morissette returned to the rockin', raw emotion that made her one of music's most popular and recognizable artists, and a truly major force in rock. After the biggest selling album by a female artist in history, a triple-platinum followup and a gold live album, the much-anticipated--and for the first time self-produced-Under Rug Swept went #1 and platinum.

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This is Fleetwood Mac's first album without longtime singer/songwriter/keyboardist Christine McVie as a full participant (she appears only as a guest musician), the album nevertheless harks back to the frothy sound of 1982's MIRAGE, if not the '70s L.A. studio-pop glory of RUMOURS.

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After a five-year absence, Seal rebounds with perhaps his best album to date. By the sound of things, Seal underwent both a personal and a professional transformation that left him rejuvenated and spiritually renewed.

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